The Rise Of The 'Executive Briefing Centre'

Paul Kent, an Electrosonic sales consultant who specialises in experience centres, explains how sales and marketing professionals can use Executive Briefing Centres to strengthen customer relationships and drive revenue.

Executive Briefing Centres, Customer Engagement Centres, Brand and Innovation Centres, call them what you will, have proven benefits to help organisations strengthen relationships with high-net worth clients, increase brand awareness and even shorten the sales cycle.

So what is an Executive Briefing Centre? An Executive Briefing Centre (EBCs) is an innovative centre that enables a company to demonstrate their products and services in an interesting and engaging way. Offering a personalised and transformative experience they are used to help strengthen relationships and support an organisation’s sales team to demonstrate to potential clients how their solutions can help take their business forward. EBCs are rated as a key factor in positively influencing business decisions, shortening sales cycle and securing high net worth business.   

EBCs can however, take many guises ….  Brand Enrichment Centres, Experience Centres, Product Presentation Centres, Client Briefing Centres and immersive reception areas. They can also be used as part of product demos, roadshows, meetings, briefings and even staff training.

Benefits of investing in an Executive Briefing Centre

The rate of investment in EBCs in the UK, USA, Middle East and APAC is growing as marketing and sales professionals and C-Suite start to realise how influential they can be in the buying process.

EBCs are proven to strengthen relationships and drive revenue. A study by the Association of Briefing Program Managers (ABPM) reported that EBCs rank highest for activities relating to accelerating progression or faster closing of enterprise deals, especially where prospect interaction and feedback are important in the sales cycle.

The ABPM* interviewed more than 11,100 external customers and 7,500 internal customers over two decades and reported that ‘executive briefings’ strengthen business relationships, have a stronger influence on the decision to purchase, increase the amount purchased and shorten the acquisition cycle. The findings below show how invaluable an EBC is to an organisation;

  • 84% of EBC visitors said their briefing contributed to strengthening their relationship with the host company
  • 77% of EBC visitors made the decision to purchase products or services discussed in their briefings
  • 88% said they would recommend the company based on their briefing experience

EBCs can give you the competitive edge

Competition is always a threat, and brands need to seek new and innovative ways to capture potential customers attention. Enterprise organisations are starting to recognise that EBCs can play a major part in their sales and marketing strategy. When you present your products and solutions in a unique and engaging way, you make your brand more memorable. However, it is crucial that an EBC is well designed from both from an aesthetical and technological stand point, giving you the edge over competition. Imagine the scenario, your top sales executive is hosting a very important potential client, all the content has been personalised to show how your services can fix their current challenges… but the content won’t transfer from the sales person’s phone to the interactive screen, which is where the discussion and collaboration will take place. The sales person is getting stressed and hot under the collar, the information is too detailed to show properly on a phone, this is a sales person’s worst nightmare come true. However, it does not have to be this way, with proper planning and technology selection your EBC can be running 24/7 and your sales staff remain calm and collected.

EBCs have evolved into sophisticated physical spaces that facilitate personalized demonstrations and discussions. Every EBC is unique to its organisation -  different goals and uses, contained in different spaces or buildings, meaning that no one size fits all, making systems design a key consideration to achieving a highly functioning, results driven EBC.

Most EBCs are refreshed on a three to five-year cycle, to keep pace with changing technologies and customer expectations. EBCs are about demonstrating your products, services and solutions in the best possible conditions. To do this, those individuals involved with their organisation’s EBC need to concentrate on getting the design right and making wise technology choices – technology needs to be compatible with existing infrastructure, and thought need to go into how to future proof systems, whilst also ensuring the technology is easy for staff and clients to use. Lastly, if your EBC is used on a regular basis, you will need to make sure your organisation has the capability to ensure all technology is up and running at all times, whether this be through remote monitoring or using specialist on-site staff. The last thing you want is for a sale to dissolve before your very eyes at the last hurdle due to a technology failure.  

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Electrosonic are platinum members of the Association of Briefing Program Managers, the membership is made up of people who are building or using Briefing Centres. For further information regarding the report mentioned above and best practice information about EBC’s visit

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