Interactive Display Technology: The Top 10 Questions IT Professionals Should Ask

Electrosonic’s Technical Manager, Graham Baker, reviews the various interactive display boards currently on the market and explains important considerations IT professionals need to think about before making such an investment.

The rise of interactive displays

It is time for the white board and flip charts to move aside, interactive displays offer huge benefits to organisations. The question is, with such a wide variety of products on the market, which one do you choose?

Questions to ask when choosing the best interactive displays to suit your company’s needs

To help you make the right decision, Electrosonic has put together ten questions you should ask yourself before making such an investment:

  1. Does your organisation’s culture and infrastructure support and foster collaboration? If yes, this could be a great addition to upping collaborative working, if no, this kind of technology could be a great start to empowering collaborative working amongst employees, but you might want to consider using the less advanced solutions to improve adoption rates.
  2. What are your growth and expansion plans? How many office locations do you operate from – do you want to roll out this technology locally, nationally or globally?
  3. How many meeting spaces do you currently have that could utilize such a tool? Have you incorporated huddle spaces into your workspace plans which could utilise such technology?
  4. Do you adopt remote working policies? Do you want remote workers to be able to collaborate effectively with office workers in ad hoc and impromptu meetings?
  5. Do you want to create a culture that appeals to millennial workers who expect their employers to supply the same interactive technologies they use at home?
  6. What existing technologies, hardware and software does your organisation currently use/operate? What interactive display would work best with this existing infrastructure?
  7. Does your existing collaboration technologies support business operations whilst enhancing engagement and increasing productivity?
  8. What are the employee adoption rates of existing technology within the business? Does the existing technology meet the expectations of a modern-day workforce?
  9. What budget do you have available to support collaborative working?
  10. Do you have the internal skills and know how to undertake such a review and assessment?

We have a full guide available which analyses the different types of interactive displays on the market. To receive a copy, including easy to read comparison charts email or for a free consultation to review your meeting room and audio visual requirements please contact:



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